Grimm Brothers Brewhouse grand opening!

Aaron Heaton and Don Chapman are bringing German style beers to  Loveland. Starting Saturday, July 24, Grimm Brothers Brewhouse will be serving at least three, possibly four of their new brews to a crowd of thirsty beer drinkers.  The beers ready to go include Snow Drop, a Köttbusser with oats, honey, and molasses; an altbier named Little Red Cap; and Fearless Youth a Munich dunkel.  The fourth possible beer is a German Porter that is currently bubbling away, just waiting to be enjoyed by excited fans.

Along with their artful crafting of German beers, there has also been a buzz about their new labels. The Tenfold Collective, of Loveland, designed the labels with what I would call an edgy mix of gothic and folk, certainly worthy of a dark Brothers Grimm tale.

Grimm Brothers is jumping in with a 10 bbl brewhouse, giving them the production to sell their beers at numerous locations in Loveland in addition to the tap room.  If the recent success of young breweries in Colorado is any indication you can expect to start seeing a lot of Grimm Brothers brews around.  And, if all goes to plan, you’ll be able to pick up some bottles in liquor stores next year.

If you are free Saturday, and can be in the Loveland area, I would highly advise heading over to Grimm Brothers Brewhouse to join in the revelry, including a live band, and taste their take on classic German beers.  They are excited to bring a different approach and new flavors to the Front Range.

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