Catch the new releases around Colorado

A bunch of new beers are being launched around the state from some of the big hitters, including Avery, Great Divide, and Odell.  In the next few days they will be releasing much anticipated beers sure to please loyal followers, including myself.

Tomorrow, August 6, Avery is celebrating the release of Quinquepartite Barrel-Aged Sour Ale.  The name in Latin means “consisting of five parts.”  It is a blend of beers aged in 5 different barrels Avery has acquired.  Two barrels are Cabernet Sauvignon, and one each of Port, Chardonnay, and Zinfandel.  This is the smallest bottle release in Avery history, so if you can get to the brewery tomorrow, you’ll be able to sample and buy some of this extremely rare sour; if not, you’ll probably have to find a very generous friend that would consider sharing some with you.  It’s free to get in, and you’ll be able to buy up to 12 bottles of the 60 cases being sold.

Also Friday, August 6, Great Divide is celebrating the release of Rumble, an oak aged IPA, as well as their Smoked Baltic Porter.  If you have visited Great Divide’s Tap Room in the last few days, you might have been able to sneak an early taste.  I might have stopped by a couple times to try them myself and I certainly wasn’t disappointed.    A friend of mine called Rumble the little brother of great Divide’s 15th and 16th anniversary beers.  It is an American IPA aged in American and French Oak barrels, giving it a complex and delicious flavor.  Also officially launching is the Smoked Baltic Porter, a dark lager rooted firmly in it’s German past, available on draft in the tap room and in 22oz. bottles.

On August 7, Odell is having a launch party for Deconstruction Golden Ale, the newest installment in their Single Serve Series.  The beer will be available at bars and liquor stores starting August 9.  Deconstruction was created by blending several batches aged in oak, bourbon, and wine barrels with wild yeasts.  This will certainly be a much talked about, and I’m sure enjoyed, beer from the second largest craft brewery in Fort Collins.  The character of the wood in each barrel and the unique yeasts add to the complexity of the final blend.

I’m sure these latest highly anticipated brews will live up to the expectations of Colorado’s beer lovers.  I, for one, find the excitement for Colorado beer growing everyday.

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