Anyone up for sour hour?

If you ask beer geeks what their favorite sour is you will probably get some very enthusiastic responses.  Outside beer geeks I bet you’ll get “what’s a sour beer?” or just crickets.  Depending where they hail from, beer geeks might rattle off some American beers like New Belgium La Folie, Russian River Consecration, or Allagash Interlude.  A couple Belgian standbys are Duchesse De Bourgogne and Lindemanns Cuvee Renne Geuze.  If you haven’t taken the leap yet, I highly advise seeking out one of the awesome beers listed above.

Convincing someone to try their first sour is sometimes like saying “here try this, it’s awful.”  The word “sour” can be a little off-putting to some, but most first taste reactions I have seen are somewhere in the range of “wow, that’s not what I expected” to “holy business, that’s awesome.”

Over the past few years sour beers have been gaining serious popularity in the craft beer world.  The Great American Beer Festival first introduced a sour category in 2002, and had only 15 entries.  Last year, shockingly, GABF had a total of 119 entries in the 4 sour categories.  Despite the recent explosion of sours, I doubt they will ever reach the popularity and availability of pale ales, but they sure are a venture away from the everyday, which is exactly what a lot of craft drinkers are looking for.

Do you have a favorite? Or, do you not see what the fuss is about?  Let us know, as we plan Colorado Beer Week for next April we will try to make sure you have the opportunity to try something new, or enjoy something you know you already love.

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4 Responses to Anyone up for sour hour?

  1. Jordan says:

    My favorite so far is Le Terroir by New Belgium. They had it at Falling Rock in Denver for a short while, but I haven’t seen it since. I don’t know the full story on it (pretty sure it’s not bottled) but it was amazing.

    • Kell says:

      I never had the chance to try Le Terrior, sounds awesome. Just a couple weeks ago Falling Rock had Eric’s Ale and Le Fleur Misseur on tap from New Belgium. Gotta love sours.

  2. I have been loving the Avery Wood Aged stuff that came out late last year and early this year. Delicious sour brews.

  3. dan says:

    I remember my first walk in the sour fields! First time was a big “what the….? Seriously, people like these?!?” But I have learned when I find something I don’t like, keep going and trying new ones. Come back every now and then to stuff you passed off before as your palate changes and develops. How many people remember their first sip of coffe and thinking adults must crazy to drink this everyday?
    I am now a sour fan, especially brown sours. I also bridged over to true Belgian Lambics, now those are SOUR! Oude Kriek and St. Louis gueze, if your bold enough 😉

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