Upcoming: Great American Beer Fest

In just 2 short weeks Denver will be overrun with thousands of beer fans from all over the world.  That’s right, it’s time for the annual celebration of all things beer, the Great American Beer Festival.  460 breweries will be in attendance, with an astonishing 67 from Colorado.  Even if you are from Colorado, you’ll be able to sample beers from more obscure or hard to find breweries in the state.

During the marathon that is the festival you might need a break from the busy main hall and GABF has plenty of opportunities to take a break from the samples and possibly learn something new about beer.  Below are just a few of the other attractions at GABF.

Beer & Food Pavillion
Throughout the festival you can stop by and hear from expert brewers and chefs as they share some great beer pairings.  Each session is limited to 90 participants, and samples will be provided for only seated attendees.

Brewers Studio Pavillion
Various sessions in the Brewers Studio Pavillion will discuss topics ranging from “Sour Power” to “Sustainable Brewing Practices” to “You Too Can Brew.”  Brewing legends will be sharing stories and talking about trends to anyone looking for something different.

Farm to Table Pavillion
If you are lucky enough to have already gotten a ticket for one of the two sessions you will sample some beers not available to the rest of the festival as well as some great local food. You’ll also hear from brewers and chefs how they choose the specific local ingredients that make their beer and food stand out from anyone else.

Tickets have been sold out for quite a while, but there are still ways to find a ticket.  If you are in need and are willing to pay a little (or a lot) over face value you can try a few different resources.  Websites like craigslist, stubhub, and other online ticket vendors all have tickets at varying prices.  I would check out twitter and facebook, as well as your local homebrew shops to see if they are having ticket giveaways or contests for the last few remaining tickets.  You might be one of the lucky ones that wins a free ticket!

If you can’t get a ticket, don’t fret, the happiness continues outside the friendly confines of the festival.  Beer bars and restaurants around the city have scheduled their own events that highlight all things beer.  Here are some of the establishments within walking/biking distance of the convention center for a couple of ideas of where you can relax and enjoy some food and/or beer.

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