Colorado breweries flex their GABF muscles

Colorado breweries walked about from the 2010 Great American Beer Festival with 40 individual beer medals. 13 Gold, 18 Silver, and 9 Bronze medals were awarded to beers brewed all over the state from Durango to Fort Collins and everywhere in between.


Blue Moon Brewing Company- Blue Moon Summer Honey Wheat Ale
Blue Moon Brewing Company- Chardonnay Blonde
Boulder Beer Company- Business Time Mild
Del Norte Brewing Company- Manana
Glenwood Canyon Brewing Company- Carbonator
Left Hand Brewing Company- Fade to Black
Pug Ryans- Hellats Good Beer
Rock Bottom Breweries- Highland Courage
Rock Bottom Breweries- Old Elk Brown Ale
The Sandlot- Flor Hosen
Steamworks Brewing Co.- Backside Stout
Steamworks Brewing Co.- What in the Helles?
Yak and Yeti- Himalayan IPA


AC Golden- German Pilsner
Bristol Brewing Co.- Old #23 Barley Wine
Dillon DAM Brewery- McLuhr’s Irish Stout
Dry Dock Brewing Co.- Bismarck Altbier
Dry Dock Brewing Co.- Noble Stuff Export
Dry Dock Brewing Co.- U-Boat Hefeweizen
Dry Dock Brewing Co.- Whale Tail Wit
Great Divide Brewing Company- Colette
Mountain Sun Brewing Company- Illusion Dweller
New Belgium Brewing Co.- Eric’s Ale
Pagosa Brewing Co.- Coconut Porter
Rock Bottom Breweries- Bastogne Blonde Ale
Rock Bottom Breweries- Moonlight Porter
Rock Bottom Breweries- Naked Oatmeal Stout
Rockyard Brewing Co.- Ryed Hard & And Put Away Wet
The Sandlot- Clueless Beer Writer
The Sandlot- Random Luck
Steamworks Brewing Co.- Colorado Kolsch


AC Golden- Schwarzbier
Bristol Brewing Co.- Laughing Lab Scottish Ale
C.B. Potts Restaurant & Brewery (Fort  Collins)- Dark Side Lager
Equinox Brewing Co.- Eclipse Brown Ale
New Planet Beer Co.- 3R Raspberry Ale
Rock Bottom Breweries- Ragtop Red
Rock Bottom Breweries- Sticke Alt
Ska Brewing Co.- Ska Special
Twisted Pine Brewing Co.- Big Shot Espresso Stout

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