What beer for turkey day?

just because it's fall

One of my favorite holidays of the year is in just a couple days.  Sure, Thanksgiving is all about the family, and that’s why I feel full just thinking about it, yup, the family.

Every year a bunch of my relatives get together and help my mom cook up a traditional Thanksgiving meal; of course with turkey, stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, and pie.  Millions of American families will gather to celebrate the same way on Thursday. With so many flavors it can be hard to pick a suitable beverage to go along with the meal.

Sure white wine works, but we’re here to talk about beer. I’ve gotta say I don’t have a great palate for, or understanding of, beer pairing.  So I turned to some trusted voices, rather voices I trust on twitter. (If you don’t follow us on twitter and want to, you can HERE) Several of the experts I turned to call Colorado home, some live out of state but have suggested amazing beers in the past and they all love Colorado so close enough.

@AleInfidel Avec les Bons Voeux, the true champaign of beers it is perfect after a heavy meal

@BikeBusBeer Since there’s such diverse flavors on a T-day table I usually opt for a saison. Avec les Bons Voeux comes out this time of year and is a fave

@hookedonwinter a spiced ale could be cool.. like a weizen or xmas ale

@Jeffporn I like something Belgian, maybe a dubbel, tripel or even a saison.

@MlleBess We are thinking frambozen Sam smith winter welcome, pangaea, orchard white, vertical epic 10.10.10. Avec les bons voeux

@sarahhuska Traditional? Turkey, gravy, gr bean casserole, cranberry, etc?? Probably a farmhouse ale or a Berliner weiss…

@StarBar_Denver Anchor “Our Celebration Ale” is one of my favs. Usually a great match with the whole traditional meal. They tweak recipe every year. The other must haves are a sour, usually go with La Folie, a big IPA, and something sweet – Lambic. Try to get mostly big bottles to share.

@TheBeerWench I would probably drink a barleywine.

Photo credit to ratebeer.com

These suggestions cover a wide variety of characteristics including spicy, complex, sour, and everything in between. One beer came out with the most nods, Dupont Avec les Bons Voeux, a delicious Belgian Saison. But, then again, these awesome beer geeks can come up with a pairing that will be delicious for whatever your heart desires, and don’t forget about the taste buds.

This Thanksgiving, if you are lucky enough to be around family, give them all a big hug and a bottle of beer (if they are of age), and if you’re stuck at home with a microwaved turkey dinner, at least treat yourself to a good beer.

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