All I got for Christmas was a 2003 Stille Nacht? I’m ok with that

Hanging out on the patio

A couple nights ago I joined some great friends at Bull and Bush in Cherry Creek for a rare Christmas/Winter beer tasting party. And there sure were some rare beers. I arrived a little late and some of the more sought after beers were already gone, but I wasn’t disappointed in the least! I did get to try some beers that I really enjoyed.

My first sample was a doozy, I just walked up to a random table and asked for the server’s favorite. She emphatically offered the 1998 Avery Hog Heaven, the first year it was brewed commercially. And it did not disappoint. It was a little warmer than most beers are typically served, which was nice, it brought out more of the character of the beer.

Bull and Bush's Randall

The next sample that really caught my attention was Bull and Bush’s own Yule Fuel, that went through a Randall (pretty much a filter) infusing the Christmas beer with seasonal spices and gave it a great aroma and taste of fresh flavors that reminded me of winter.

My favorite sample of the evening was the 2003 De Dolle Stille Nacht. It certainly didn’t disappoint with a sweet, almost caramel, scent mixed with some tropical fruit tones. The taste matched the aroma with a slight gingery finish. I don’t think I was alone picking this as my favorite. I heard similar opinions from several beer geeks, including @hookedonwinter and @DenverBartender.

I only sampled about a tenth of the over 120 beers at the event. It was a fun gathering of beer geeks around the holidays, and an opportunity to try beers that I will probably never have the chance to try again. Were there any that stuck out to you that I didn’t mention?

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