Spring beers mean warmer temperatures (hopefully)

With the frigid temps we’ve had in Colorado lately, it’s nice to remember spring is just around the corner. Breweries have begun pumping out spring brews as Colorado beer lovers mourn the end of powder days (bring on the corn snow) and celebrate the upcoming warmer weather, bringing more hiking, camping and fishing. Here are a few beers to pick up as you start getting out to enjoy the weather.

New Belgium Dunkelweiss – The latest in the Lips of Faith series is a dark German wheat, coming in at 9% ABV, and the alcohol is nicely concealed behind strong flavors and aromas. The candied banana and clove aroma matches the initial flavor, followed soon by a slight pepper spice. This big and strong beer is very drinkable and leaves you wanting more of the great flavors. Dunkelweiss is available in stores now, so get out and find a bomber at your local craft beer store.

Odell Red Ale – This spring seasonal is available now through April. It is packed with aggressive American hops, setting it apart from some other more traditional reds. The nose is grassy and floral, with strong hop aroma. The taste is also somewhat of a departure from most red ales, with hop bitterness and a subdued malt character. This red is fairly readily available in 6 packs all over the state, and beyond.

Avery DuganA – This Double IPA, released twice a year, in January and September, is perfect for the transition days between winter and spring. If you are looking for hops, you can stop now. This one is for you. Avery describes it as “a brutally bitter, dank, piney and resinous ale designed for those seeking a divine hop experience.”

Great Divide Belgica – Another early spring seasonal readily available is Great Divide’s Belgian IPA. Belgica combines American characteristics with Belgian traditions. The citrus nose couples with a fairly malty flavor, and finishes with a resurgence of the citrus character. This beer is great for the warmer days when you are looking to quench your thirst. Stop by the tap room to get one now, or think of it as you stop by on your way to the Rockies’ home opener on April 1.

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