The beauty of bottle sharing

Everyone loves a pot-luck, and that includes beer geeks. Every once in a while we (the collective beer community) gather for our own version of a pot-luck, a bottle share. Some bottle shares are more of a bottle swap, where everyone brings something they’re willing to trade for that rare beer they’ve been coveting for so long. But personally, I prefer a bottle share where bottles are cracked and shared with everyone.

During these gatherings everyone brings a bottle or two (or more) of whatever they have tucked away in the back of the fridge, and it truly is a thing of beauty. Bottle shares often feel like an extremely intimate, and dare I say, exclusive, beer festival. I know my beer fridge that is filled with guilt. And by that, I mean I feel guilty opening one of those bottles without sharing. Whether it’s a bottle one of us went out of our way to find, a bottle of homebrew I slaved over, or just something I thought might be better after a couple years hanging out with his friends, I like to share with people who will appreciate it. I believe, and correct me if I’m wrong, most of us who enjoy great beer want to enjoy it with others, and play a little psychiatrist and talk about how the beer makes us feel.

Another beautiful thing about bottle sharing is that when friends get together it is virtually guaranteed that you will have the opportunity to try something you have only heard about, something that is rare or regionally hard to find. Passionate people are willing and happy to share these beers with like minded people, who appreciate the glory of beer.

So when you’re thinking about organizing your next get-together, think about your friends. Would they be interested in trying a few special brews? I bet they would.

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