Recipes with bacon and Colorado beer pairings

If you’re reading this you probably enjoy the the greatest beverage in the world, beer. And I bet many of you also like what I think is the greatest food in the world, bacon. What do you do to a recipe to make it better? Add bacon. Here are a few ideas I’ve been throwing around. I’m no beer pairing expert, but with the help of foodie and beer geek @JessHunter, we came up with a few suggestions. Check out the recipes and beers below. Let us know if you have a favorite recipe with bacon, and what beer you pair it with.

Beef stew with bacon – Hearty beef stew needs a beer that can stand up to the complex flavors. Fade to Black, Vol. 2 from Left Hand, a smoked Baltic porter, can do just that. With it’s heavily-armed smoky malt flavor is sure to go well with the bacon in this beef stew. The dark bready character and slight earthy hop bitterness also match the personality of the stew.

Grown Up Mac and Cheese – Gourmet macaroni and cheese has jumped on the scene as one of those comfort foods that is easy to make and will leave you fully sated and happy at the end of a meal. Adding bacon to mac and cheese is obvious, and an Imperial IPA would go well with the creaminess of baked mac and cheese with bacon. Perhaps Ska Brewing‘s Decadent, an Imperial IPA would work well. The fresh hop aroma and caramel creaminess make it a great partner to the mac and cheese.

Chocolate covered bacon – Delicious and easy to make, this simple dessert will be sure to please bacon lovers everywhere. Instead of a chocolate or cream stout, maybe a big beer, like Great Divide‘s Oak Aged Yeti would work well with the bacon. The vanilla character that comes on with the oak is a nice addition to the robust roastiness and up front hop aroma.

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